Designed In Melbourne, Australia.


“A More Approachable Way To Fashion & Style”

Founded in 2014 by business entrepreneur Robbie Ball & professionalAFL player Brandon Ellis, UNCLE JACK offers a range of desirable,yet affordable watches & accessories that are designed to be wornand enjoyed everyday, by everyone. Born in Melbourne, AustraliaUncle Jack has grown it’s community beyond expectation and hasfirmly imprinted itself in Australia as one of the leading watch brands.

"Desirable, Yet Affordable"

We believe that a watch is more than just a tool to tell the time,it’s an extension of you, a way to express yourself and a way to defineones individuality. Our goal is to provide a more approachable wayfor people to express their personal style and change the way theythink about fashion by being able to offer quality productsat an affordable price and by creating a community of like mindedpeople. The outliers, the dreamers & the go-getters, the every daypeople who challenge the norm.

"A Watch For Every Occasion, Passion, Interest & Personal Story "

We aim and aspire to create a culture of inclusivity, a brandand lifestyle built on family and community. We want to become aglobal watch brand that is constantly progressing and pushing the boundaries of what fashion and style is meant to be.


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