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We Offer Unique, Affordable and Desirable Watches & Accessories That Are Designed To Be Worn And Enjoyed Everyday, By Everyone.

A Watch For Every Personality & Style.

We believe that a watch is more than just a tool to tell the time. It’s an extension of you, a way to express yourself and define one's uniqueness. This uniqueness is your greatest quality and asset, and that’s why we’re on a mission to help you to embrace your style to show the world who you really are.

We aspire to provide a more approachable way for people to express their personal style and rethink fashion by offering unique, qualityf ashion accessories at a fair price and creating a community of like-minded people. From sport, travel, pop culture to fashion, whatever inspires you inspires us. 

Let's Wind The Clock Back...

Founded in 2014 in Melbourne by business entrepreneur Robbie Ball& AFL player Brandon Ellis. UNCLE JACK offers a range of unique, affordable and desirable watches & accessories that are designed to be worn and enjoyed every day, by everyone.  UNCLE JACK started with the idea to design unique and quality products at a remarkably fair price. Both Robbie & Brandon were frustrated with the watches in the market. There were plenty there, but they all looked the same and far too overpriced - With this as their motivation Robbie & Brandon launched their first range of Uncle Jack watches in 2014 specifically to redefine the industry and help people express themselves and show the world who they really are.

“We saw the watch industry as boring and wanted to shake it up by creating truly unique pieces no one else would ever think to do without compromising quality or price.”

Fast-forward 7 years and Uncle Jack has now grown its community beyond expectation and has helped thousands of people embrace who they are and show their style to the world.

This Is Your Moment In Time.


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