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After searching for a watch for a friend's birthday,
we disliked that the existing styles were so complicated, pretentious and over-priced.
We thought we could do it better, so we did.

We designed our own.
Modern, desirable & accessible unisex watches.

Uncle Jack Team

Fast forward three years, Uncle Jack is one of Australia’s fastest growing watch brands.
Our unisex watch company from Melbourne is changing the game with fresh, modern & unique watches.
We have created new styles of watches that have not been seen or done elsewhere.

We pride ourselves on being on the front-foot in creating modern, desirable & accessible watches. 

From humble beginnings dispatching orders from a spare bedroom, our operations grew quickly.
We now have an office, a team & a Melbourne warehouse.
The brand has grown rapidly since being founded in 2014 and is now sold to over 40+ countries.

The hype around Uncle Jack is enormous and the watches are often sold out within hours of being launched. 

We hope that you will join us on this journey. 
This is the story of Uncle Jack.