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Uncle Jack HQ

Here at Uncle Jack we are lucky to have access to an incredible space for our headquarters alongside several other inspiring businesses. One of the many perks of sharing a creative space is the communal spaces that become open to you, so today we're giving you a sneak peek inside some of ours!

Starting upstairs, we have a huge open warehouse space with great natural light and interesting backdrops, perfect for photoshoots. This is where we shot our lookbook, and where we take a lot of our photos for Instagram.

Also upstairs, making use of that great natural light, we have a space even better suited to photoshoots, a photo studio with a beautiful white infinity studio backdrop. You might recognise this space from our #OwnYourTime campaign, which we shot right here at HQ.

Heading downstairs we have a kitchen area and large events space. There's always something going on down here, whether that be filming, an event or lunchtime. The downstairs area also leads to the work spaces, where we have an office and warehouse space alongside several other inspiring and creative businesses. 

...and here's our HQ! (Does anyone have any tips for saving our poor little dying bamboo on the table there?)


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