Coffee is a natural extension of Melbourne. Coffee is part of our culture and it's something that brings people together. Naturally, here at Uncle Jack we're big fans, especially of our local cafes. Here's an introduction to a few of them:

First up is Crumbs Bakery, which is definitely one of the best. Crumbs has vegan and gluten free options, give you a discount if you bring in a keep cup and the staff are friendly. Comments from the office include: "10/10" and "We like it".

Crumbs Organic Bakehouse

169 Rankins Road, Kensington

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Next up we have Spinifex, which is our location of choice for team meetings each week. Large tables mean that Spinifex is the place the whole team sits down together and discovers each others coffee preferences from a 3/4 Latte to a Mocha to a large-soy-latte-with-one-takeaway. 

Spinifex Cafe

192 Belair Street, Kensington

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Last but not least, a couple of doors down from Crumbs is Luncheonette, the local embodiment of vintage, diner, retro vibes. Luncheonette always has a customer or two sitting in and they'll also give you a discount if you bring a reusable takeaway cup!


173 Rankins Road, Kensington

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While a conversation about the best local cafes will spark quite the debate in the office, everyone would agree the really important thing is that we've got a coffee in our hand at the start of the day (and several times throughout the day as well). 

(Final image from, cover image by @paddykennedy)