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Meet the Team

To kick off our new blog concept we thought what better way than to introduce the core team behind Uncle Jack.


Mr. Uncle Jack himself, Robbie pioneered the idea of Uncle Jack back in ’13 after struggling to pick a birthday present for a good friend of his. With a string of prior business ventures that excelled throughout lunch breaks in his high school years, Robbie’s business mindset has seen Uncle Jack grow into the business it is today.

Despite his business success, the poor guy struggles to string a decent lunch together due to practically being allergic to everything. His go to feeds are vegemite sandwiches, apples and carrot sticks. An avid Doggies supporter, we haven’t seen Robbie since the Grandfinal, hopefully we find him soon.


The man on the frontlines, Brando loves getting his face in the papers and on the website often requesting and sometimes even begging for Robbie to upload a pic of him.

Despite balancing a busy AFL career, Brando still finds time for Uncle Jack where his extensive networking has seen Uncle Jack featured in the Herald Sun, on the Sunday Footy Show and a variety of other media outlets. These connections have played a vital role in the expansion of Uncle Jack over the past few years and will undoubtedly assist Uncle Jack becoming a household name in the coming years.


The newest addition to the Uncle Jack team, Alex arrived from the sunny state of QLD to good old Melbourne in 2012. After an impressive background in a range of prior marketing and retail positions, she landed the job at Uncle Jack by nailing Robbie’s go-to interview question of ‘What is your favourite brekkie cereal?’ when she struck up a convo about his allergies. Well-played Alex.

Since starting her role, Alex has put up with her fair share of office footy banter and is slowly learning more and more about the game. With a thing for expensive shoes, a very questionable taste in music and a hidden stash of wine under her desk Alex is our customer service guru and a great addition to the team.



When he heard from Robbie back in early 2014 about the idea of Uncle Jack, he knew he had to be involved. The rest is history. Lachy is a member of the founding team, an academic and a fashionista. Lachy is your classic Melbournian - a lover of coffee, fashion & sport. He's got a keen eye for fashion trends, colours and styles which has played a crucial role in Uncle Jack's product development.

He's known on a first-name basis at Melbourne's CQ nightclub, where he does his best work. We are forever hearing stories about his weekend, so we had to put his desk at the end of the room. Lachy is usually the smartest person in the room, he has brilliant ideas that often come to fruition at Uncle Jack. If we can just improve his hand-writing, he will be the complete package.


The communications & media expert. A fresh addition to the team, Phoebe has exceptional writing abilities and you'll find her on the UJ social media accounts. Poor Phoebe is given just about every email, document and post to proof-read before it gets sent from Uncle Jack HQ.

Phoebe is certainly the most quiet in the office (not too hard), but we're hoping for a big performance at the Uncle Jack Christmas party!



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