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In the Spotlight: Paddy K

Paddy Kennedy is a 20-year-old fashion and lifestyle blogger who's style and self-motivation has earned him a loyal following over on his Instagram blog @paddykennedy. We talked to him about what he's currently up to and how to deal with the haters down below. 

Q: Tell me a little bit about who you are and what you're currently up to?

Hi, my name is Paddy Kennedy and I am a 20-year-old fashion & lifestyle blogger. Since a very young age I have had entrepreneurial traits; when I was 14 I used to buy hats and NBA jerseys from China and resell them to my friends at school (at well above a 100% mark up). To me the idea of working a 9-5 job has never sat comfortably, and with role models such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Casey Neistat it has motivated me even more to pursue my passion which is fashion and working for myself on my own terms.

Currently I am living in Ballarat (soon to be Melbourne) studying Business Marketing, working with Social Set Media and Europa café. In my spare time, I work on my own business which is my fashion/lifestyle blog on Instagram. This has allowed me to work with many different brands, grow my network and attend all sorts of events. 

Q: You have been an avid supporter of Uncle Jack for a while now, what is it about UJ that you love?

I first discovered uncle jack before I started my blogging journey and was always a fan of the work, so when I received a message earlier this year to collaborate alongside them I was wrapped. The thing I love most about UJ is their team, they are very friendly and easy to work with. I have formed a great friendship with Matt the influencer manager and Robbie one of the owners. We have regular catch ups at the HQ which really makes a difference in building our relationship.

Q: When did you decide to take plunge into Blogging and why?

I started blogging in December of 2016 because there was a massive gap in the market when it came to male fashion bloggers and because I am very passionate about the industry. I also think that currently it is easier than ever to make an income off what you love.

Q: How do you deal with the haters and criticism associated with being an Instagrammer?

Great question. People are always going to have their opinion on you, but you can’t let that alter your journey. I put zero weight into other people’s opinions as I know who I am. Usually the people who are leaving negative comments are not comfortable with their own current position or just jealous of what you are doing. Think of it this way, if someone is hating or criticising you, they are noticing your work.

Q: 2 things you love about social media in general?

  1. Great way to connect with new people
  2. Perfect and underrated space to build your own business

Q: What’s planned for 2017?

Move and settle into Melbourne.

Keep growing my network and meeting influential people who inspire me.

Create quality content so my work can be noticed on a larger scale.

Work with even more brands I love.

Reach 10k followers with a 10% engagement rate.

Spend quality time with my family when I can.

Q: How would you describe your style, are there some 'go to' staples that you must have?

I would describe my style as a neat & tidy street look. My go to staples are white or black canvas shoes, black jeans (distressed or normal), a very minimal black or white tee with a denim or bomber jacket.

Q: How do you balance your lifestyle with work, study and blog? Is this important?

It is very important to balance your time because when you are busy the days don’t go long enough. A typical day for me starts at 5.30am, quick shower and breakfast and then I am ready to meditate and read by 6am. After that I usually study or work on my blog/emails for about 2 hours. This allows me to have a good amount of work done by 8.30/9. Then I will work a shift at the café or get some work done for Social Set Media. In the afternoon, I always get in a workout as exercise is a big part of my life. As of the night I will prep my Instagram post and have it up by prime time. Before bed I will usually do a little more study or work before winding down with a little bit of YouTube before bed. To me sleep is also very important, I always try to get 7-8 hours a night. I try and leave parts of the weekend free to catch up with friends and family.

Q: Go to coffee?

Flat white with one equal please. Ta

Q: Go to UJ Watch?

 Black on black every time


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