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In The Spotlight: Libby Steel

For today's In The Spotlight we've got Libby Steel, who you might recognise from our #OwnYourTime campaign earlier this year. We spoke to her about inspiration and her latest music adventures down below. You can find her on Instagram @libbisteel or catch up on what she's up to on her website.

Describe yourself in five words.
motivated, relaxed, inquisitive, balanced, positive

Now describe yourself in more than five words!
It’s not easy describing yourself! I think I am a pretty balanced, kicked back girl but I have goals and I am determined to reach them. I love my music and the journey I'm going on with it, but I also love escaping to the outdoors where I can get some fresh air and blue water.

You've been doing some great things in music lately, when did that all start happening for you? 
Thank you, things have really begun to take off after the success of 'Crayzee'. We initially released it in Italy through CDF records, but it blew up and is now being played on radio and TV across Europe. It hit 1.3 million YouTube views within a few months and is on some big playlists which is extremely exciting considering it is my second single and it was a low budget music clip filmed in Geelong! 

What's coming up next for you in music?
I have to keep it all on the down low, but there are some really exciting things coming up! I have spent a lot of time in the studio over the past couple of months, working hard with my team at 1&2 Productions. I have made some great contacts and have some big ideas so keep an eye out!

You've mentioned in interviews before that your parents were farmers, did you feel like it was a big adjustment moving to the big city?
Yeah, originally I grew up on a small dairy farm about three hours away from Melbourne. My lifestyle definitely took some adjusting when I moved to Melbourne, but I think my mind frame altered the most. I realised how many opportunities there are and how accessible these opportunities were if I was willing to step outside my comfort zone and work hard.

Describe an ideal weekend.
My ideal weekend would be on a remote beach away from technology and people. Throw in some nice weather, lots of food, a guitar and some good mal waves and I would be a happy girl! 

Who is your biggest inspiration?
There are so many fantastic musicians and people in the world doing amazing things, so it’s difficult to narrow it down to one person. From a music perspective, I am inspired by people who are not afraid to take a chance and do things differently. I think it is essential in the arts to push limits and keep things interesting. On a personal note, people who work tirelessly to help others and our environment before helping themselves inspire me and I hope I can do the same. 

Which is your favorite Uncle Jack?
I love all the Uncle Jack watches, they are so functional and fashionable and I can wear them with anything. I alter between the black-black and the caramel & gold which I can't take off! 


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