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In The Spotlight: Danielle Collis

This week for In The Spotlight, we sat down with Danielle Collis. Danielle is a presenter and model currently based in Melbourne who was happy to chat about everything from Budapest to Instagram guilty pleasures. You can find more from her over on her Instagram, @danielle_collis

First things first, tell me a little bit about yourself

My name is Danielle, I’m originally from Perth and I’ve been in Melbourne about a year in total. I am modelling and presenting and I’ve just graduated from my Batchelor of Business, majoring in Public Relations.

You’ve mentioned before that you went to Europe, Budapest specifically. Why Budapest?

I didn’t actually get to choose Budapest, the job offer was just there and I thought why not? It was going to be a cool opportunity to go and travel throughout Europe and I’d get to do presenting and gain more experience so I took the opportunity. It was meant to be for three months, which then turned into six months, then nine, then ultimately twelve months.

Sounds like a great time, what was your favourite thing about Budapest?

My favourite thing about Budapest would probably have to be just their culture, their history and their arts, and I think it’s really underestimated there because you know, a lot of people who go to Europe think ‘let’s go to Rome’ or ‘let’s go to Paris’ or one of the major cities. They forget about Budapest, but I think it has so much to offer and I would have to say it’s probably my favourite European city now.

Yeah I feel like that would happen if you lived somewhere for as long as you did! Did you fit in some travel while you were over there as well?

I did! It was actually my second time in Europe and I went to a bunch of countries, I think I did nine countries while I was there, and I took my time. I got to go to Croatia, Austria, Spain – I did the El Camino, the walk through Spain, which is 800km so a big walk! I also went to Istanbul in Turkey, the Greek Islands and the Czech Republic. So I got to go to a few places.

So now you’re back in Melbourne, in the cold?

Yes back in Melbourne now, but missing Europe a lot.

That makes sense. What have you been doing in your spare time in between presenting and modelling now that you’re back?

Well each week varies for me with the presenting and modelling, I could have one day off or I could have three days off, but normally in my spare time I’m going to Yoga or Pilates, catching up with friends for breakfast, or I’m on my laptop doing things like invoices, emails, applying for jobs, content for my social media.

Such is the self-employed life!

Yeah pretty much the self-employed life. It is great being self-employed because I can pick what I want to do but at the same time there is a lot of pressure because sometimes you might not have any work for weeks and then suddenly you can be working five modelling jobs in one week, it’s really up and down.

Where would be your favourite place for yoga in Melbourne?

Oh that’s a tough one. I go to Kaya on Chapel Street, that’s a great place because they have both Yoga and Pilates, but there’s other studios that I like such as Westside Yoga and Radiant Sol in Port Melbourne, so I don’t know if I could pick my favourite. It depends on who is teaching as well, if my favourite Yoga teachers are at Kia, that’s my favourite place that day!

Fair enough! Now you mentioned before your social media, what is your guilty pleasure on Instagram? I know in the office we’ve got a lot of doggos and fitspo and I have a lot of plants. What would be yours?

That’s a really interesting question! I have no idea. I have such a weird mixture, I follow some dog accounts, some fashion accounts, some gorgeous sexy men, but then I also find myself following food accounts, so just a little bit of everything I suppose! Travel as well, everything I think that inspires me, which is pretty much everything and anything.

That’s what social media should be for really, for inspiration.


What are you listening to at the moment?

I listen to anything and everything and I wouldn’t even say that I have a favourite musician. Dependent on how I’m feeling most of the time it’s chilled acoustic music but then I can go from that to electronic dance. It’s entirely dependent on how I’m feeling at the time.

Okay last question, coffee or tea?


Even though we’re both drinking tea?

We are both drinking tea. I would say coffee is my go to, I probably have one everyday, but then again.. I would say coffee in the morning, tea at night.


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