Looks like you're in the . Go to ? Yes please or I'm not in UK
Looks like you're in the . Go to ? Yes please or I'm not in UK

Callum Rowe is a lifestyle blogger poised to take off with a sharp style, big adventures on the horizon and a genuine love for doggos. We spoke to him about the finer points of being an Instagrammer, and his staple wardrobe items. You can find him over on Instagram at @callumjrowe.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you're currently up to.

First and foremost, I'm dog obsessed lets just make that clear. I have a 3 year old golden retriever named Lucy and she's beyond spoilt. Aside from Luce, I have a passion for menswear especially suits. 

At the minute though I'm in my Masters year at uni studying Exercise Physiology, and currently have five weeks off. So I'm just doing a bit of work to get some coin in the bank and getting some Instagram gigs in where I can.

You're a regular collaborator with Uncle Jack, what is it about UJ that you love?

I love the quality of Uncle Jack watches, the leather bands are so soft. Plus, the company is always evolving always releasing new styles which is great, it means that the range to choose from is always fresh and crisp. I think my favourite initiative that they crew have run is the monograming. It just makes it so unique and really individualises that watch. I love that no other company out there is doing it. 

When did you decide to take the plunge into instagramming?

I probably started to put a bit of effort into my Instagram late last year. I'd done a few bits and pieces and gotten some good feedback so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm still pretty small at the minute in comparison to some guys who are crushing the game, but I enjoy what I do which is the main thing. 

How do you deal with the haters and criticism associated with being an Instagrammer?

I get asked this a bit actually, the boys give me a bit of stick about it all, especially when I first started but it's all just good quality banter. Now though, I can't keep one of them out of my wardrobe and I'm forever chasing him down for clothes he's borrowed. 

In terms of haters and criticism, some people don't understand why I do it and that’s fair enough. But like I said, I enjoy what I do so that's the main thing. Any criticism or hate I get doesn't really phase me too much, I grew up with three older brothers so I've got some fairly thick skin. 

2 things you love about social media in general?

One thing I love about it is how connected it allows you to be. I'm a sucker for Snapchat and group chats. They're always going off with someone doing something for a laugh. Stickers on Snapchat have proved to be great value and some of the boys go to great lengths to stitch some of the others up. 

The other thing I love about it is that it really allows individuals to showcase who they are and what they do. Social media is just so diverse now, there are so many different platforms be it a blog, Instagram feed or YouTube channel. It has opened so many doors for so many different people and businesses. People are able to market themselves like never before, and it has revolutionised the way business' can advertise.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2017?

2017 is a big year away from social media for me. I'll finish up uni after 4 years which is a great relief, I can't wait to stop living like a student. I also have plans to head over to Europe in August for about 5 weeks so keep an eye on my feed for that around then. Then at the end of the year I'll hopefully move from Bendigo to Melbourne which should make things a bit easier, as I spend a lot of time travelling at the minute. 

In terms of my Instagram, there are a few projects in the works that will hopefully come to fruition soon, but I can't say too much at this stage. 

You're a very sharp dresser. How would you describe your style, are there some 'go to' staples that you must have?

Haha thanks, I think sharp is probably the word I would use to describe how I dress, though I've really got no clue. Blue. Blue jackets are my absolute go to. The colour can be worn to so many different events from casual to formal, its great. Plus, I always try to add something else to an outfit as well, whether that's a pocket square, tie bar, socks or a lapel pin, having something that stands out is key for me.

How do you balance your lifestyle with work, study and Instagram? Is this important?

It can be difficult, but the biggest thing for me this year has been time management. I've had to prioritise things and get jobs done so that I then have time for my lifestyle. Uni and Instagram keep me very busy so I get work in when I can. It is really important to me to have a healthy lifestyle though, making sure I keep fit and have time to see friends and family definitely keeps me sane.

Go to drink..?

In winter it'd have to be an espresso martini or a nice glass of Pinot. But in summer, I cannot go past a drink the boys and I have come to be known as a "Dimattina". Its pretty simple, just fresh lime, flat water and vodka, but it's super refreshing and I swear the hangovers are nowhere near as bad the next day.

Go to UJ Watch?

I cannot go past my Tan and Black monogrammed UJ watch at the minute. It goes everywhere with me and goes with everything so it is definitely a staple and my go to at the minute!