Today on the blog is Ain Raadik, a Melbourne based photographer and videographer who was featured in our Own Your Time series over on our Facebook page. You can find his work on his Website or Instagram, @ainraadik


Your website tells us you're a photographer and videographer (and a talented one at that), but tell us a little bit about the man behind the camera. 

I am a 19 year old Photographer and Videographer from Melbourne. My work often reflects my passion for the Outdoors, Travel, Hiking and Camping. I still love going on long road trips and exploring new destinations but more recently my passion for Photography has blossomed as I have started shooting more street and Lifestyle photos.

How has social media helped you to pursue photography?

Social media has provided me with the opportunity to share my passion and my art with thousands of people and really help me and my work to gain exposure. The main social platform that I use is Instagram. Over the past couple of years I have had the privilege of watching my audience grow which really helps to motivate me to constantly create and share new content.

When did you first pick up a camera? 

When I was 16 I went on a 10 week German exchange program, I took an entry level GoPro with me so that I could capture the memories and experiences. While I was in Germany my passion for Adventure really started to develop as I would hike for hours to find new and interesting locations, taking my GoPro with me and experimenting with composition of Landscape photos.   

What has been your favourite project that you've worked on?

Any project that allows me to be creative without too many rules!

Street photography must be fairly unpredictable, do you plan your shots or do they tend to be more spur of the moment?

Street Photography is incredibly spontaneous. I often plan photographs roughly for example waiting for a passer-by to walk perfectly into frame or hoping that a motorbike rides past at the perfect moment. However for the most part I love street photography because it is impossible to plan moments out and you need to be constantly on your toes!

What's your favourite thing about living in Melbourne?

Melbourne is incredibly diverse which is perfect for photography. In the city there are interesting buildings and locations for street photography and my favourite National Parks and beaches are only a couple of hours drive away!

Where is your favourite place to travel to?

Anywhere remote with Mountains! In April this year I spent 10 days road tripping, hiking and camping around the South Island of New Zealand. The beauty of the mountains of South Island would have to make it my favourite place that I've been to so far. At the start of this year I spent 6 weeks travelling around Japan. The crazy, unpredictable culture of Japan definitely puts it up amongst my favourite places that I have been to!

What have you got coming up for the rest of 2017?

Throughout winter I’m starting to get pretty booked up and I am working quite a lot. There are some plans in the works for a USA road trip towards the end of the year however and I am also looking at going back to New Zealand as soon as possible! This summer is going to be full of fun!