Wearing the same styled kit to work every day can get repetitive. Here’s a couple of tips to give your work uniform a little extra flare around the office.

Accessorise by changing your belt style, shoes, or watch. You can completely change your staple office outfit just by switching up the details. It sounds simple, but matching different accessories to an outfit each day can give an added boost. 

Why not try our Rose-Gold Black Uncle Jack with an all-black kit for a simple statement piece? Or try dressing down a more tailored outfit with the Black-Tan.

A more casual alternative to the Rose-Gold Black, the Dusty is a statement piece in this all-black ensemble.

Matching the colours of your outfit to your accessories can also give a tailored, office look. The Black-White will work with most office ensembles, or the Tan strap could add an element of variety to your look, while keeping within neutral boundaries.

The White-Tan or Rose Gold-White match perfectly with this neutral outfit.

Between our old classics and our new ranges, you’ll be able to find just about anything you need to boost your office ensemble. Shop our best-sellers here.