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Watches Melbourne: Your Tastemaker is Here

Watches Melbourne: Your Tastemaker is Here

For the initiated, a watch is far more than a tool to keep track of time. A well-chosen timepiece can be an ode to your personal style, taste, identity, and sophistication. 
There are countless variations of watches available, some of which (swiss watches) can put a significant dent in your account balance. Yes, we’re looking at you, Patek Philippe.


As a result, some people turn to second hand and pre-owned watch retailers. But this need not be the case. At Uncle Jack, we prefer a more agreeable approach to good quality watches. That’s why we strive to offer the most affordable yet best looking watches.


But who exactly are we?

Well, Uncle Jack is an online watch boutique located in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Robbie Ball and AFL Star Brandon Ellis.

Since then, we have grown to become one of Melbourne’s and indeed Australia’s largest watch brands.  Our goal is to provide an approachable way for people to express their style through quality unique watches. But instead of telling you, how about we show you?

Here’s a quick selection of our best-selling watches in Melbourne to get you started:

Black & Gold Chrono


Uncle Jack’s chronographs are where functionality meets style. The Black & Gold Chrono epitomises precisely that. It’s our modern take on vintage design and an attempt to bring it into the 21st century. It might’ve taken our Melbourne design team a few years, but they’ve pulled it off.  


We’ve breathed new life into the much-loved vintage design and turned it into something special. And at $169, we’ve still managed to keep the price affordable. Even better, we did not stop at just one. Here’s a watch gallery of our best selling vintage Chrono timepieces:

chrono gallery

Tan Black

The tan-black is the ultimate expression of Uncle Jack watches. It’s designed right here in Melbourne and features high-grade leather straps in a contemporary design. These, paired with the black dial, are why this piece is perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re off to a Monday morning meeting or a Friday night out, you cannot go wrong with the crisp finish this piece gives any outfit. But don’t take it from us:

Tan Black from @theadeladian

“I wear the tan-black almost religiously, it just goes with everything. I'm also not super feminine, especially not in the way I dress, so this unisex watch is perfect.”  Melissa Zahorujko, Cofounder, The Adelaidian


Redkite x Byron Cooke Watch

Red Kite x Byron Cooke

Byron Cooke, Sydney Swans ambassador, first became aware of Redkite while working at their annual Red Day at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). A subsequent partnership between Redkite and Sydney Swans became the inspiration behind the stunning Redkite x Byron Cooke watch


An exclusive Melbourne watch designed to support children fighting cancer. In Australia, about three children are diagnosed with cancer every day. In the unprecedented time that follows the diagnosis, the children and their families need as much support as they can get. 


Every purchase of the Redkite x Byron Cooke Melbourne watch helps provide support to these families. $100 from each watch sold will be donated to Redkite. This money will help provide practical, emotional, and financial support to these children and their families. 


 The Black White Watch

Black White


One of the most popular watches in Melbourne, the Black-White marries a timeless minimalist design and handcrafted leather. It’s a more casual alternative to other options from our watch gallery, with a relaxed yet elegant vibe. Additionally, the minimal design means that it pairs well with any outfit. So even as you transition from Monday through to Friday, your watch will always look fresh. 


“Easily the black and white. It's simple, clean, and elegant, and its minimalism makes it a very versatile, easy-to-wear timepiece.”  Rainer John, Digital Creator and the man behind @thedressedchest


But Rainer is not the only one impressed with the Black-White watch. Here’s what another happy customer had to say about his watch:

Black White Creator

“The black and white is the third watch in my collection and easily my favourite. It goes with anything and looks incredible. I received it just before my birthday and have had it on nonstop. Thanks, Uncle Jack!!!” - Isaiah Button


The Batman

Here’s something for the DC comics fans among us. An officially licensed product of DC Comics — The Batman watch. The Batman is also specially designed and crafted here in Melbourne.


It’s dark, bold, and striking — living up to the character behind its inspiration. It incorporates all the key elements of a luxury timepiece but with a sleek design that would fit both on the Batsuit and Bruce Wayne’s wrist.



Expand Your Luxury Timepiece Collection

At Uncle Jack, we believe that watches are more than mere tools to tell time. We believe that they are extensions of who we are. An avenue by which we express ourselves and define our individuality. 

This is why we strive to provide quality watches at affordable prices. That way, you don’t have to break the bank or gamble with pre-owned and second-hand timepieces to express your style. 


“I love the quality of Uncle Jack watches; the leather bands are so soft. Plus, the company is always evolving, always releasing new styles, which is great, and means that the range to choose from is always fresh and crisp.”
Callum Rowe, Founder, Seen Clothing


We offer a wide range of affordable luxury watches designed here in Melbourne, Australia. By partnering with and creating a community of like-minded people, we have also imprinted ourselves as one of Australia’s largest watch brands. 


Join the Uncle Jack family today for exclusive deals and stay up to date with new designs.  

Alternatively, you can visit our store and explore our vast watch gallery.

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