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The Coming of Chrono

Almost five years ago we had a crazyyyyy dream to shake up the watch market. We've done just that. We've released some of the most hyped watch releases ever before seen in Australia.

Now, it's time to take Uncle Jack to the next level with the brand new Chrono : Collection.

It's been a number of years in the making. We've got this knack of taking old-school watch concepts and putting the 'UJ spin' on them. Personally, I think that's what makes Uncle Jack so unique. We are able to take a much-loved, but out-dated style of the traditional Chrono and turn it into a fresh & modern watch collection.

In many ways, the introduction of the Chrono : Collection enables the brand to have a more 'complete' offering. We have been inundated with requests from the UJ Collectors to create a Chrono watch, and here we are!

We're known for our stunning designs, athlete collaborations & crazy releases. However, this collection will appeal to many corners of the market. As our designer tells me, it's "sophisticated simplicity". I couldn't agree more.

When we sat down to concept how we wanted to present the collection, we knew straight up that we wanted to offer a variety of styles & personalities within the collection. We couldn't go half-hearted on this one, it's one of our most important ever releases. In the past our 'steel mesh' bands have always been incredibly popular when we have released them. We absolutely had to incorporate this into the collection. On the flip-side, our leather collection is our longtime bestselling range, so we decided to have both.

The result is an absolute class 5-piece collection. It's the type of watch that every UJ collector, customer & fan will want to add to their collection.

The keen observers will have noticed that we have only revealed 4 styles in the collection...

...that just means there's one more to come 😉

The regular UJ customers, collectors & fans will know that some of our releases literally sell out within minutes of being launched. Given that this will be one of our biggest releases of 2019, I wouldn't be surprised if at least a couple of styles were to sell out incredibly quickly.

For the uninitiated, we're not like other watch brands.

We don't produce thousands of the same watches and try to sell them over a number of years. That's not our game. We produce limited quantities which allows us to keep designing & creating fresh watches that align with our brand values & vision.

This collection is a major milestone for our growing brand & I'm personally so excited to be sharing it with you!

Release Time:
Friday August 30th @ 10am (VIP's)


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