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Marvel x Uncle Jack


Our very first collaboration with Marvel kicks off with the anti-hero himself: Deadpool.

Uncle Jack and Deadpool, a match made in heaven, or hell, we aren’t really sure. Anyway, what we do know is that Uncle Jack entering the Marvel universe is seriously exciting. Uncle Jack is known for its high-profile collaborations and partnerships, but this is something different.


Who better to kick start this negasonic teenage warhead level collaboration than Uncle Jack’s favourite anti-hero, Deadpool. Uncle Jack, Deadpool, two of a kind that shake up the boring old norm, are both hilarious except we only enjoy the supple, tight leather on our bands.


Speaking of watches, maximum effort has gone into putting together two designs any Deadpool fan or Wade Wilson would love. Designed by the real heroes here at Uncle Jack they are perfect for a hot chick, a British villain or God's perfect idiot.


Deadpool Black, sleek and so comfortable with that cushioned silicone fit highlighted by the official Deadpool imagery dial.

Or Deadpool Red, strikingly stylish yet understated and the iconic Deadpool eye logo, which one embraces your Deadpool passion?

This is just the beginning, unlike Vanessa, you can be sure we are coming back with plenty more Marvel collaborations on the way so stay tuned.


Our highly anticipated inaugural Marvel collaboration with Deadpool can now be seen on our website and will launch on Sunday the 22nd of August 2021 at 8pm. Only VIPs who are on the list will get access to the website at this time. Sign up here so you don't miss out!


Get on our exclusive VIP pool for first access to this very limited-edition collection.

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