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Behind the Scenes with Dayne

We at Uncle Jack couldn’t be more excited for our upcoming release of our collaboration with midfield dynamo and AFL star Dayne Zorko, the captain of the mighty Brisbane Lions Football Club.


Dayne’s story is a little different.

His parents migrated to Melbourne, Australia from Yugoslavia, fleeing a country that no longer exists when Dayne was just a young boy in search of a better life. In Melbourne is where his father’s passion for football grew and something he passed onto his son despite moving to Queensland, a traditionally Rugby based state. Once Dayne started playing, he never looked back.  


Originally drafted to the Gold Coast Suns as a Queensland Zone selection and then on traded to the Brisbane Lions, Dayne’s career didn’t start in typical fashion which is fitting given Dayne isn’t your typical AFL player. Despite the unique beginning, Dayne quickly made a name for himself for the then Michael Voss coached Lions after his debut in 2012, with his freakish goal kicking earning him the nickname “The Magician.”


Dayne Zorko is not only now a bona fide star but a true character of the game, by simply watching him play you can see this character expressed in everything he does on and off the field. This is exactly what made him the perfect fit for Uncle Jack, expressing yourself is what we do.

Dayne pushes the limits and so do we.

As we embarked on the journey of putting together a watch with Dayne that truly captures his style, he made it clear that he was immediately drawn to our potentially boldest design – the digital range. Dayne’s eagerness for the digital design is another example of his truly unique personality, which is exactly what we were looking for. With the ball now rolling, away we went to tailor all aspects the watch to his liking culminating in a final design that is all Dayne Zorko. 


Meeting Dayne for the photoshoot, only one place made sense, you guessed it, The famous Gabba. Where else demonstrates Dayne on and off the field better than the stadium where he plies his trade and the urban backdrop of the surrounding streets that he has made his home. Any true Brisbane Lions fan would be ecstatic at the way this has come together, what a way to embrace your passion for your club and its champion captain, the one and only Dayne Zorko.


Our highly anticipated collaboration with Dayne Zorko can now be seen on our website and will launch on Thursday the 8th of July at 7pm. Sign up to our exclusive VIP waitlist now to show your lion’s pride and passion for Dayne Zorko and receive special offers for VIPs.

Now that’s something to roar about.


Embrace your Passion – Dayne Zorko x Uncle Jack 2021

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